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Growing up in a family of artists in a home where music and all forms of art were always present had a powerful impact on me, and shaped the way I view being an artist today. For vacations our family went to museums, and had fun doing it. When we were bored our Mother told us to draw something, and after Sunday services we spent the afternoon in the living room listening to music while we read, drew, or finished homework. I have been drawing and creating since childhood, so rather than feeling eccentric or beyond the norm being an artist feels completely normal to me. It is present and part of everything I do, in the studio and outside of it.


I am deeply inspired by the way light reveals rhythms of shape, color, and value in everything I see and because of this I am drawn to all types of subject matter. It is the harmony of all these elements working together that convey mood, story, object, and moment and as an artist I love the task of capturing and sharing these moments with my viewer. Capturing how light reveals the shape of mood and emotion, how color focuses our attention in the distance or foreground, or how lights and darks jumbled together magically portray the beauty of familiar objects...this is the joyful task I pursue in every piece. While my love of drawing means I am bound to work representationally, I value the looseness and immediacy of brushwork that the alla prima style fosters.  For me this is the best way to capture energy and movement, the dance of all those magical elements I see around me.

The challenge of capturing the visual rhythm of each subject is what draws me back to the easel each and every day to create the magic of a painting that has its own beautiful rhythm. That rhythm is part of what makes an original painting something truly unique, and when my collectors tell me what my painting means to them it is the best reward I could imagine for my years of effort. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to share my vision with you.

kate mueller art,feathers,painting

Hunter's Bouquet, Private Collection

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