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Kate Mueller-Fine Artist

Do you ever feel too close to a piece you are working on to form an unbiased opinion of it? Do you sometimes feel you are repeating the same mistakes in your work, but aren’t sure how to break the habit? Would you simply like to talk about the artistic life and some of the quirks and pitfalls that non-artists tend not to be aware of, or do you want some clear simple advice on how to improve your work? If so then you may want to work with an Artist Mentor.

Most artists share these feelings and needs, but don't always have access to a partner who can offer answers and solutions. I offer a mentoring partnership in my studio setting to artists who want to receive one-on-one guidance, training and support. A 2hr mentoring session may include:

  • Receive a detailed critique of up to 3 pieces, either finished or in progress

  • Review sketchbooks or sketches

  • Review show entry selections and processes

  • Get guidance on portfolio preparation for gallery submission

  • Improve techniques, skills, and ones' overall approach to refresh your work and artistic process

  • Share a joint work session on one study subject (supplies not provided)

  • View a personal painting or drawing Demo*


You can also arrange a private one-day workshop, a great option for individuals who are not local.  Private workshops can include joint painting session, demo, critique...all customized to your needs.


If you are interested please complete and submit the request form below. I will contact you with more detailed information. I know I will be working with some very talented artists in this region, and helping them develop their artistic potential to the fullest. If you think you may be one of these artists I look forward to hearing from you!

*additional fee

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