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When I was young there was a field of dairy cows across the street from our newly built home. They were eventually replaced by more houses, but while I've spent much of my adult life in cities the fact remains that I grew up in the country. I think this and my natural love of animals have shaped what I look for in the landscapes that surround the city where I currently live. Thankfully there are still farms here, and I cannot resist the gorgeous geometry of the animals that live on them, or the sense of peace that the scenes they inhabit exude. It isn't my intention to romanticize these scenes, but it's hard not to celebrate their serene grace and beauty. I've also had the opportunity to create portraits of beloved pets, an honor I take very seriously and a process I love. It truly gives me joy to convey for you the colors, light, character, and feeling of these rural moments and all the animals that capture our hearts.

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