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An Artist's Point of View

What is an artist? What sets an artist apart and propels them into a life of often solitary and endlessly challenging work? The first is probably an unanswerable question, as there are as many different artists as there are individual points of view. The second question is only slightly easier to answer, and I can really only share what ensured that I would call myself an artist. Every morning as I prepare to work in my studio, whether I am walking in the country or city, my mind wanders over questions like these as it gathers inspiration.

I hope this blog will be an interesting resting point for your mind whether you consider yourself an artist or simply art lover. It will include technical insights and tips I've acquired over my lifetime as an artist, and some stories and opinions about the artists' life. As you read along I hope you will be enlightened, informed, and provided ideas to ponder in your daily life, because I believe everyone is an artist in one way or another. And the only difference between those of us who call ourselves artists and those who do not is our point of view!

Capturing a point of view

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